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Latvia Introducing Euro Coins in 2014

Latvia 1-santims and 1-lats coins Latvia is an eastern European country of about 2,000,000 located on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Its neighbors are Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, and Russia to the east. In 2004, Latvia was one of 10 European nations which were accepted into the European Union.

Will Coins Change With New Netherlands King?

On January 28, 2013, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands announced that she would be stepping down (or abdicating) as the ruler of the Netherlands on April 30, 2013 (the date of the annual Koninginnedag, or Queen’s Day, celebration). Beatrix became Queen in 1980, when her mother Queen Juliana similarly abdicated (retired). On April 30, Beatrix’

Finding the Value of a Foreign Coin

Great Britain 1/2 crown 1945 When someone comes across a foreign coin, there are usually 2 questions that immediately run through their mind: Where is this coin from? How much is this coin worth? We want to know the value of things, whether coins or baseball cards or shoes or cars, so that we can

Insuring Your Coin Collection

1945 Mexico 2-peso gold coin This month we have a special guest writer, Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley of for Insuring Your Coin Collection If a natural disaster struck in your community, would your coin collection be covered against a loss? Or if a burglar were to target your property, do you know that your collection

Wavy-Edged Coins

A scallop-edged coin from the Bahamas Despite what we are used to here in the United States, coins do not have to be round to be minted and spent. I’ve previously discussed square coins, but an even more common shape is the scalloped¬†coin, which has a wavy edge that goes all the way around the

Using Paper Coin Flips

What are Paper Coin Flips? Inside (left) and outside (right) Paper flips (also known as cardboard flips) are flat, rectangular pieces of thin cardboard lined with a clear plastic film on one side. The flip folds in half, forming a square, with the plastic on the inside. Each half of the flip has a hole,

Cleaning Coins

Everyone would love to have a collection of perfect, shiny coins in their binder. Because we’re working with circulated coins, however, we’re going to end up with scratched, dirty, or otherwise imperfect specimens. You may find coins that have actual dirt/grime on them, have been written on, or have tarnish or blemishes from being handled

What to Do with Duplicate Coins

When you first start acquiring coins, you should find that most can go straight into your collection. As your collection grows, though, you’re going to get coins that you already have. Maybe someone brought you back a handful of coins from their trip, and there are several of the same coin. Or you bought a

What to Collect

Sometimes starting a new collection can be intimidating simply because of the number of different items that are available. Most collectibles can be collected by some kind of theme within the collectible space – baseball cards can be collected by team or year, rocks can be collected by color or type, toy cars can be

Coin Collecting Terminology

Coin collecting has its own lexicon that you’ll find it helpful to become familiar with. These words help collectors accurately discuss coins. If you spend much time around other collectors, looking at coins, reading about coins, or even shopping for coins, you’ve probably run into a few of these. If you haven’t, then learning about